About Lost & Feral

Keeping the wilderness, aka our playground wild, is the aim of the game here at Lost & Feral.  Born of our collective love of adventuring, wild places and great products.

Bringing to you a host of adventure-gear and activewear brands that are taking on the challenge of creating ethical products with gusto and flair, helping you help the planet while getting the best in technical gear.

At Lost and Feral, we’re a small part of the sustainability revolution. Our creation – a go-to portal that champions the most creative and ethical brands – has the aim of offering the best products, with the least impact.  But we’re not just for shopping.  Keep up with our blog for technical know-how and tips on how to take a greener approach to life.

We work with brands that create not only great looking, but also technically advanced products to help you adventure harder & more comfortably.  Ensuring the most sustainable materials are being used, the cleanest manufacturing is in place & nature friendly processes are in place.

Like the other ethical brands we platform, Lost and Feral will put our money where our mouth is. We’ll be donating 1% of all our sales to reforestation, whether it be it the Amazon, mangroves… or even under the sea.